New Troop 717 Promotional Flyer

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Troop 717 white water rafting, September 2014.

Do you know anybody who would like to become a Scout? Troop 717 is a great choice! We have been recognized as a  National Capital Area Council QUALITY award-winning troop, with over 43 Eagle Scouts since our founding in 1993. Please share this flyer with any families that wish to join Scouting and Troop 717.

Merit Badge Counselor List

We’ve added our list of Merit Badge counselors here and the list can also be accessed from our Files page.

Schedule of Events for the Battle of Cedar Creek Campout

Below is a schedule of events for the Battle of Cedar Creek Campout. We need to get a full headcount for reservations. Please respond to Scoutmaster Wilkerson no later than Monday night’s meeting, October 14th.

Saturday, October 19
8:30     NPS Contact Center Opens
9:00     Gates Open to Public and Shuttle Wagon Begins
10:00    Belle Grove Opens
11:00     Infantry Demonstration
11:30     Tour of Battlefield Fortifications
12:30     Artillery Demonstration (Battlefield)
1:30       Formation
2:30       Cavalry Skirmish
3:00      Battle of Second Winchester
4:00      Belle Grove Plantation Closes
6:15      Candlelight Tours of Camps
7:00      Night Firing of Cannons
8:00     Gates Close to Public

Symposium Tent Events
10:00     Richard Kleese, “It is a Matter of Numbers”
11:00     “Regarded as a Species of Apocalypse: Sheridan’s Ride in War and Memory,” by Prof. Jonathan Noyalas
12:00     Medical Demonstrations, by Doug Decker
1:00       Civil War Songs, by Emily Baker
4:30       “Civil War Style Show,” by Civil War Lady8:00     Reenactor Ball, Featuring the Susquehanna Travelers

Special Saturday Events! Artillery & Cavalry Demonstrations, Hospital Demonstrations, Living History Camp, Civil War Concerts, “The Confederates Attack!”


Court of Honor: Monday, October 7th

Scouts and Scouters,

We will be holding a Court of Honor Monday night.  It will start at 7:30 PM.  Family and friends are invited.  The Troop will recognize the accomplishments of our Scouts.  We will also be inducting our new Troop leadership team.
I request the  leadership team show up at 7:00 PM ready to set up for the COH.

The plan:

7:00                             Troop set up for the COH
7:30                             Court of Honor
8:30                             Announcements & Refreshments
9:00                             Depart Saint Andrews

Refreshments:  All are asked to contribute something for the refreshment time after the COH.
Please be advised we have several Scouts with serious nut allergy.  So please,  when you bring something to eat, please make sure it is “nut free”.

Congratulations to all Scouts that will be recognized Monday evening.

Yours in Scouting,

Scoutmaster Wilkerson

Sully District Fall 2013 Camporee–Updated Schedule

Due to a scheduling conflict, the noon air show has been moved to 3:30 pm. Attached is the new schedule of events for the 2013 Sully District camporee.

NEW Schedule of Events

All Scouts attending need to assemble at the St. Andrews parking lot starting at 5:30 on Friday, September 27th and the Troop will depart at 6:00. The Troop will leave the campsite on Sunday morning around 8:00.  Reminder to Scouts: Please bring $15 for meals.

Troop Meeting Plan: September 9, 2013

Troop 717,

Hope everyone had a great summer and is looking forward to this upcoming 2013-14 year. We have a lot planned and I hope all scouts do their best to excel in school and in scouts.

Before I get to the meeting plan, I want everyone to know that popcorn sales are coming up, and Mrs. Lutz will have all the information regarding them. If anyone needs popcorn forms, all they need to do is ask. Keep in mind that their are a number of prizes for those who sell enough popcorn.

Troop Meeting Plan: 9/9/13
7:25 – Set up
7:30 – Flag Ceremony
7:32 – Announcements
7:40 – Review this year’s Calendar of Events
7:50 – Plan for upcoming meetings
8:00 – Game/Outdoor activity
8:20 – Scout Master Minute
8:30 – Closing

I hope to see everyone excited to start off this new scout year.

Benjamin Hunter

Sully District Fall Camporee, September 27th – 29th

For our September (27th-29th) campout we will be participating in the Sully District Fall Camporee. We will be camping at Bealeton and attending the Flying Circus Aerodrome.
Please review the attached flyer and let me know if you’re interested in participating in this campout.

If you would like your son to take a plane ride, please fill out the appropriate forms and provide them, with a check to me or Todd Martin.
We will discuss this further at our Monday Troop Meeting.


Peter Wilkerson
Scoutmaster, Troop 717

Scouting 2013-2014 Year is Underway!

Scouts & Scouters,
The Troop committee approved the following list of scouting events. As dates and details firm up, the troop (Gmail) calendar will be updated, so please check the troop calendar periodically.
We will also make announcements at the weekly Troop meetings.

Camping & Events
(3rd Weekend of each month)

Sep 27-29 – Fall Camporee, Flying Circus @ Bealeton
October 19-20 – Battle of Cedar Creek
November – Big Meadow or Sky Meadow Camping
November 2: Scouting For Food, Bag Drop off
November 9: Scouting For Food, Pickup and Sorting Day
December 14th – Wreath Laying @ Arlington Nat’l Cemetery
January/February – Timberline Ski Trip
10-12 January 10-12 – Klondike Derby
February 8 – Blue and Gold Dinner, 6:30 p.m.
February 22: NCAC University of Scouting
March 2 – Scout Sunday Mass, 8:15 a.m.
March – Biking at Prince William Park
April 11-12: Fishing Trip
May 17: Sully District Merit Badge Day
May : Beach Camping
June : Camp Pendleton Camping (TBR)


Peter Wilkerson

2012 – 2013 Scouting Year is Starting!

With the start of the 2012-2013 school year, Boy Scout Troop 717′s year is getting underway. As usual, the Scouts of 717 have a fun-filled year planned. If you are interested in joining our troop, please attend any one of our meetings. We’d love to have you.

If you are a Troop 717 Scout or parent, please take a few minutes to check out our Google calendar, which is located here on our website. It contains information about upcoming meetings and other Scouting events of interest.

If you’d like to add that calendar to your Outlook account or iCal, please use the hyperlinks for Google’s how-to instructions.

October 24, 2011

October 24, 2011

Meeting Started At – 7:38 PM

Meeting Ended At – 8:48 PM



Bobby, Michael M., Jamie, Noah, Morgan, Richard, Parker, Mark, Ryan


Keegan, Aaron, Kevin, Miles, Nathan, Anthony, Ben, Tobin



7:38 PM to 7:40 PM

Opening Flag Ceremony

  • Bobby & Morgan Carried Flags
  • Ryan Spoke

7:40 PM to 7:41 PM

Mark discussed how to pack light

7:41 PM to 7:45 PM

Mr. Zeller discussed plan for upcoming campout (November 11, 2011??)

*Light Packing! (Dehydrated Food)

**Pack will be prepared a week earlier

7:45 PM to 7:54 PM

Ryan, Mark, and Mr. Zeller discussed things that are essential to bring and things aren’t as important

*Patrol essentials will be split up between all scout going on the campout

7:54 PM to 8:35 PM

New scouts worked on improving fitness requirements. New scouts were also taught how to use high-altitude stoves.

8:35 PM to 8:43 PM

Mark and Mr.Zeller discussed how to keep bears away and how to react when you are close to abear. Mark discussed how to properly deploy and use a bear bag.

*The “Bear”muda Triangle:

  • Sump (Waste Water & Toilet Area)
  • Bear Bag
  • Eating & Dining Area

**Tents 100 feet away from this triangle

8:43 PM to 8:45 PM

Scouts given general information

*If scouts have requirements they should notify patrol leaders, an adult leader, or a senior scout

**Scouts should be prepared for campouts and for requirements

8:45 PM to 8:47 PM

Scoutmaster Minute

*Scouts told about Wreath Sales after Mass

8:47 PM to 8:48 PM

Closing Flag Ceremony

*same people as opening ceremony